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Terms and Conditions

Dear Guests, the owner of the Riverside Aparthotel facility is Epol Holding with its headquarters in Łódź, Poland. The facility's management will appreciate your cooperation in complying with the following regulations, which are intended to ensure a peaceful and safe stay in our apartments.


1. Terms and Conditions define the rules for the provision of services and are an integral part of the contract that is concluded by making a reservation, signing a registration card or paying an advance payment or the entire amount due for the stay. By performing the above actions, the Guest confirms that they have read and accepted the regulations of the Terms and Condtitions.
2. The regulations apply to all persons staying in the apartments. Responsibility for all persons lies with the person signing the registration card, referred to as the Guest in these Terms and Conditions.
3. Terms and Conditions are available for inspection at the reception and on our website: www.riversideaparthotel.com.
4. Information regarding prices and availability of apartments included on the websites www.riversideaparthotel.com, www.hotels.com, www.expedia.com, www.booking.com do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and must be confirmed by the reception before making a reservation with prepayment.
5. EPOL HOLDING Sp. z o. o., ul. Targowa 9A, 90-042 Łódź, the owner of the apartments under the name Riverside Aparthotel, represented by Director Aneta Kmiecik, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, provides the Guest with the use of the entire apartment together with furniture and equipment (radio and television devices, household appliances) and is obliged to provide conditions for the full and unrestricted rest of the Guest.
6. The Guest is obliged to use the apartment only for residential purposes.


Smoking tobacco and similar electronic products is strictly prohibited in the Riverside facility! The cost of refreshing the apartment is 500 PLN.



  1. The Guest can book an apartment:
    - directly by phone: +48 669 902 180 or by e-mail: office@riversideaparthotel.com
    - in person at the reception at ul. Madalińskiego 7 (open 24 hours a day)
    - via websites that host Riverside Aparthotel’s offer.
  2. Telephone reservations require subsequent confirmation via e-mail or text message.



  1. A day of stay in the apartment starts at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and lasts until 11:00 a.m. the following day.
    2. Based on the current availability of the apartments, it is possible to check in earlier (after consulting the reception).
    3. Late check-out must be agreed upon with the reception. If availability is confirmed, the reception will inform the Guest about additional fees.


The aparthotel has a limited number of paid parking spaces, so it is necessary to reserve such a space in writing when booking your stay. The reception then informs the Guest whether it is possible to use the monitored but unguarded parking lot.

Riverside is not responsible for any damage caused by the actions of other guests, but will provide all necessary assistance in the event of such an incident.



  1. The basis for checking into the apartment is for the Guest to present an ID document confirming their age of majority, sign the registration card, and pay the entire amount due for the stay. Check-in takes place at the reception.
    2. The Lessor reserves the right to refuse accomodation to a Guest who:
    a. does not have a valid ID document or does not want to present it,
    b. refuses to sign the registration card,
    c. refuses to pay for the reservation,
    d. is clearly under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
    e. blatantly violated the Terms and Conditions during their previous stay.
    In the event of refusal to check in a Guest due to the above-mentioned reasons, the money paid in advance is not refunded.
    3. Full payment for the stay must be made upon check-in. In the event of extending the stay or purchasing additional services, the fee will be added to the Guest's bill and must be paid promptly.
    4. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the Lessor reserves the right to offer the Guest an alternative apartment. If the Guest does not opt for the proposed replacement apartment, the Lessor is obliged to refund the prepayment for the reservation.



  1. The Guest is obliged to use the residential premises in accordance with their intended purpose and to maintain and return the apartment in the condition it was found upon check-in.
    2. The number of people living in the apartment cannot be greater than that indicated on the registration card. Breaking this rule will result in an additional fee of 200 PLN per person per day.
    3. The stay of children under 6 years of age is free of charge if they are accommodated on a bed with their parents. The Lessor charges an additional fee of 100 PLN per day for children aged 6 to 11 years in extra beds. The Lessor can provide baby cots and seats, which can be made available upon prior reservation due to their limited number.
    4. Guests can order additional service at the reception for 50 PLN. This service includes general cleaning of the apartment and replenishment of missing liquids (gel, dish detergent). The service with replacement of towels and bed linen costs 80 PLN.
    The Lessor is not responsible for items left in the apartments. Guests are asked to properly store and secure valuables.
    5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartment. Violation of this prohibition is tantamount to the Guest's consent to cover the costs of refreshing the apartment at a price of 500 PLN.
    6. Organizing social gatherings in the apartment is strictly prohibited.
    7. Pets are allowed in the apartment after prior notification and payment at the reception.
    8. The Quiet Hours are in effect from 22:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. The Lessor has the right to inform the security agency and/or the police and impose a fine of 500 PLN on the Guest in the case of disturbance of peace at night.
    9. If any abnormalities are found in the apartment, Guests are asked to report their objections as soon as possible by phone: +48 669 902 180 or by e-mail: office@riversideaparthotel.com.
    10. Defects reported on weekdays will be repaired without undue delay, unless the nature of the defect requires a longer repair time. Defects reported on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be repaired on the first business day after the holiday period or at the earliest available date. A monetary compensation will be charged for defects caused by the Guest’s fault.
    11. Defects resulting from independent reasons (supply of utilities, including the internet, malfunctions of the apartment’s equipment) do not constitute grounds for cancellation of the reservation or change in the price of the booked apartment – the Guest is obliged to pay the entire reservation fee.
    12. Each time the Guests leave the apartment, they are obliged to close all windows and entrance doors.
    13. The Lessor may interrupt the Guest's stay without refunding the reservation fee and charge the Guest with an adequate fine in the event of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.
    14. For fire safety reasons, it is prohibited to use electric heaters and other electrical or gas devices that are not part of the apartment's equipment. Does not apply to power supplies, chargers, or portable computers.



  1. The key cards are returned to the reception desk.
    2. In case of failure to check out by 11:00 a.m. or by the time agreed upon with the reception and paid for in advance, the Lessor reserves the right to open the door and enter the apartment to verify the situation. Personal items left behind by the Guest will be stored at the Guest's expense and risk.
    3. Items left behind in the apartment by the Guest after check-out may be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at their expense. In the absence of such an instruction, the items will be stored for a period of 1 month. They will then be disposed of. The Lessor is not responsible for their loss or destruction.



  1. The Guest is financially responsible for any damage, soiling or destruction of the apartment's equipment and technical devices occurring during the apartment’s rental period specified on the registration card. In the event of the above-mentioned damage, the Guest is obliged to immediately report this fact to the reception and pay for the damage caused.
    2. In the event of failure to pay all amounts due, including penalties considered in these Terms and Conditions, the Lessor reserves the right to refer the matter to the police and to pursue claims in court.


  1. The administrator of personal data provided during booking at the Riverside Aparthotel is EPOL HOLDING Sp. z o. o., ul. Targowa 9A, 90-042 Łódź, NIP 728-274-94-67. The provision of data is obligatory. The data subject has the right to inspect and correct personal data.
    2. The Guest making a reservation agrees to have their personal data placed in the administrator's database in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws No. 101, item 922 as amended) and used for marketing purposes as well as provision of the ordered services. Providing the above-mentioned information is tantamount to consenting to receiving commercial information from the administrator.

We wish you a pleasant stay, remaining at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Gen. Antoniego Józefa Madalińskiego 7
30-303 Kraków, Polska